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As your dedicated partner in the vibrant world of Israeli real estate. Our mission is to make your transition to or within Israel as smooth as possible, whether you’re a single individual embarking on a new chapter, a retiree seeking a peaceful haven, a family searching for the perfect home, or a new oleh navigating the exciting path of immigration. 


Gilia's AIP Real Estate System—Coming Soon!

Prepare to experience a revolutionary blend of cutting-edge AI technology and the personal touch of traditional real estate practices with Gilia. Her innovative hybrid system seamlessly integrates the efficiency and precision of artificial intelligence with Gilia’s warmth and personalized care. This unique combination ensures that every interaction is tailored to your individual needs, while advanced AI tools provide fast, accurate property matches and insights. From AI-enhanced virtual tours that bring properties to life to personal viewings where our agents guide you through every detail, our approach is designed to offer the best of both worlds.  Gilia is committed to pioneering a new era in real estate, where technology enhances human connection, not replaces it. Step into a future where your property journey is enriched with personalized expertise and the unparalleled convenience of AI.

AIP System

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“Whether you’re searching for your dream home, relocating to Jerusalem, investing, selling, or renting, I offer tailored solutions to make your real estate journey seamless and successful. Let’s collaborate and bring your property aspirations to life!


Unlock the door to your dream home in Jerusalem’s vibrant neighborhoods with personalized guidance and in-depth local knowledge, making for a pleasant experience. 


Maximize your property’s potential and value with strategic marketing, negotiations, and staging, ensuring a swift and profitable sale in Jerusalem’s competitive market.


Find your ideal long-term rental in Jerusalem, with options that suit your lifestyle and preferences, backed by a dedicated agent who understands your unique needs as a tenant in Israel.


“Gilia has her finger on the pulse of the real estate market in Arnona/Talpiot. If you’re looking to buy/rent or sell, she can make the right connections for you..”

‒ Jack Cadranel

Gilia Posner

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