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Welcome to Baka, where timeless charm meets modern living. Nestled in the heart of Jerusalem, Baka offers the best of both worlds—a serene oasis in the midst of a vibrant city. Explore our tree-lined streets, savor the culinary delights of Emek Refaim, and find your dream home in a neighborhood where history, culture, and community come together seamlessly. Baka awaits you with open arms.

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Location of Baka

Baka is a picturesque neighborhood nestled in the southern part of Jerusalem, Israel’s historic capital city. Its prime location places it just a stone’s throw away from the bustling city center and the Old City’s iconic walls. Bordered by the tranquil neighborhood of Abu Tor to the east and the lively German Colony to the west, Baka offers residents the perfect blend of urban convenience and residential serenity. With its tree-lined streets and charming architecture, Baka provides a peaceful retreat while maintaining easy access to Jerusalem’s cultural, culinary, and historical treasures.

Baka's Famous Walking Path (מסילה)

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Reason 1

Scenic Beauty: Baka is known for its tree-lined streets, charming gardens, and scenic views. You’ll love the aesthetic appeal and tranquility of the neighborhood.

Reason 1

Limited Parking: Finding parking can be a challenge in some parts of Baka due to the narrow streets and limited parking spaces. This might be inconvenient unless your home has a designated parking spot.

Reason 2

Cultural Diversity: Baka attracts residents from various background; enriching local culture and a mix of traditions and cuisines.

Reason 2

High Cost of Living: Baka is considered an upscale neighborhood, and as such, the cost of living, including housing and dining out, can be relatively high.

Reason 3

Proximity to Amenities: Convenience of shops, cafes, and restaurants within walking distance, on. Emek Refaim Street, in particular.

Reason 3

Traffic Congestion: Like many parts of Jerusalem, Baka can experience traffic congestion during peak hours, which can be frustrating for commuters.

Reason 4

Historical Character: Baka retains its historical character, with many buildings dating back to the Ottoman and British Mandate periods. 

Reason 4

Noise Levels: While generally peaceful, some parts of Baka can experience noise from traffic or nearby establishments, particularly on Emek Refaim Street or Hebron Road.

Reason 5

Community Spirit: Baka has a strong sense of community, with numerous social and cultural events throughout the year. This creates a welcoming and engaging environment for residents.

Reason 5

Absence of a hardware store or home supplies: Baka may have several cafes, bodegas, and clothing stores and even a pharmacy, however, it lacks a hardware store. 

Home Styles In Baka

Diverse home styles contribute to the neighborhood’s unique character, offering a range of options for residents with different architectural preferences. Whether you prefer the historical charm of Jerusalem stone houses, the modernity of Bauhaus design, or the intimacy of townhouses and cottages, Baka has something to suit your taste.


Jerusalem Stone Houses

Many homes in Baka are constructed using Jerusalem stone, a locally quarried stone that gives the buildings a distinctive and timeless look. These houses often have arched doorways, shuttered windows, and ornate ironwork, reflecting the architectural influences of the region.


Bauhaus and International Style

In addition to traditional stone houses, you can also find Bauhaus and International-style buildings in Baka. These structures are characterized by clean lines, functional design, and large windows. They represent a more modern architectural approach and are often well-preserved.


Townhouses and Cottages

Baka has a mix of townhouses and cottages that offer a cozier, more intimate living experience. These homes often have smaller gardens or courtyards, perfect for residents who appreciate outdoor spaces but don’t need extensive grounds.


Read about some of the schools in the Baka area of Jerusalem, catering to various educational needs and preferences. Depending on your specific requirements or interests, you can explore these options further.

Emuna Efrata College in Jerusalem (the ‘Mizrachi’ teacher’s seminary) was founded in 1924 by the Mizrachi movement to train teachers in the spirit of Zionist-religious education. The college is authorized to grant its graduates a B.Ed degree and an M.Ed degree in a variety of departments and specializations.

This local public elementary school serves the Baka neighborhood and provides education for children in the area and beyond. It’s a convenient choice for families residing in Baka, the German Colony, Arnona, and Talpiot.

MMY is a one to two-year religious zionist Torah seminary learning program (in English) for young women.

The Sudbury Jerusalem Democratic School operates according to an educational model based on the recognition that meaningful learning occurs through self-motivation, anywhere and in any form. The school has been operating in the city since 2002, and about 100 students aged 6-18 study there. The school space is designed as a model of a multifaceted human society, without division into classes. 

Pelech is a six-year religious school for girls in Jerusalem that combines Torah and general education at a high level with an emphasis on creativity, intellectual challenge, and personal and social responsibility. 

Places of Interest

These attractions offer a glimpse into the rich cultural and recreational opportunities in and around the Baka neighborhood. Whether you’re interested in scenic views, cultural events, or simply exploring the local scene, Baka has something to offer for everyone.

A Little House in Baka – where being small is a big advantage has 34 comfortable rooms, is fully air-conditioned, and serves a full breakfast. This unique, Ottoman-style renovated mansion, with arches and columns and beautifully arched windows, is surrounded by a large garden that has many inviting corners under beautiful old pine trees. Peak season reservations must be made well in advance.

Located just south of Baka, the First Station is a historic train station turned cultural and entertainment complex. It hosts a variety of events, restaurants, shops, and artisan markets, making it a vibrant gathering place for locals and visitors.

This lively street in the heart of Baka is known for its boutique shops, cafes, and restaurants. It’s a great place to explore on foot, enjoy a meal, or do some shopping.

Situated on the border of Baka the Yes Planet has 16 screening halls, among them the unique IMAX theatre, which shows the greatest blockbusters with breathtaking screen and sound technology, and the 4DX screening hall, a cinema in 4 dimensions that screens films with an extra dimension of sensation for an incredible viewing experience. In addition, the complex has several cafes as well as a sensory interactive sports center for children and teens. This 3 story cultural center operates 7 days a week and features an underground parking with 350 parking spots.

Afternoon tea is accredited to Anna Duchess of Bedford, who in 1840 complained that too much time elapsed between lunch and eight o’clock dinner, and required what developed into afternoon tea at four o’clock, this time with tiny crustless sandwiches, scones, and cakes.

At Kumkum one can order afternoon tea at any hour, on porcelain dishware accompanied by a tower of edible delights. A beautifully unique affordable venue for a date or a party. 

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